Despite being a Master Diver, this is my first dive trip to Tioman. The main reason I chose Abect Aqua Dive Centre is because they are a NAUI dive centre.

I specially brought my 10 year old son to Abect for his Junior Advanced Diver Course, and that turned out to be the best decision ever! Navigation, buoyancy control, night dive, wreck dive, drift dive, basic rescue, fish identification, everything was well executed and my son learnt so much during the course!

During one of the dives I had problem with my BCD inflator button. Abect very kindly helped me troubleshoot the problem and cleaned up the inflator, even though it is my personal BCD. He also lent my son a pair of fins because my son’s fins are a little too heavy and it affected his buoyancy control.

All these services are kindly provided to us free of charge, and without us even asking. This goes to show how much Abect takes care of his customers, and his passion to share his love of diving.

Even though we visited Tioman during the National Day long weekend, and there were many boats at the popular dive sites, somehow Abect is able to navigate around the site without us feeling crowded at all. After 4 days of diving, it continually amazes me how well he knows all the sites like the back of his hand. This is indeed a man who has dived here for decades!

From the booking of the rooms and diving course, to the coordination of the transport, and the execution of the dives, we feel pampered, 100% safe and well taken care of. We will definitely be back again very soon!

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