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There reason I live

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

The reason I love the sea, I cannot explain…


Back To Genesis

The sun, sea and sand combines to create a tropical island paradise

Abect: In Tioman, there are amazing granite rock formations, the healthy soft and hard corals and a myriad of marine life. it has become the preferred destination for divers and maritime enthusiasts due to its rich and colourful marine life.

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Diving Is Like Sex

Unforgetable Wetness

The first time you try you are nervous but its still the best thing you ever tried. The more you do it…

Goin Deeper


Dive in and get out with never the same again

Welcome to Abect Aqua Dive Centre – a developing and personal dive center with a real focus on customer satisfaction and family safe, fun-filled experience! Operating since…

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Affordable DIve

Dive with NO regret

just so happens that the diving is worth every penny.

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Dive Instructor

Dive Instructor

Abect- Passionated dive instructor who primarily responsible for the safety of the diving party.

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UW Photography

UW Photography

Photographers all around the world are here to explore. A place well known with many unique sea creature.

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Dive Centre

Dive Centre

Welcome to Abect Aqua Dive Centre – A developing and personal dive
center with a real focus

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Azhary, Jumaidah, Nadia,

Azhary, Jumaidah, Nadia,


The place where divers called “home”

Dear team, Thank you for thegreat hospitality! You guys are awesome!!

Dear Abect & family, Thank you for making our diving experience unforgettable. You guys Rocks!!


Ila Natrah Abk

Ila Natrah Abk

I came solo

Thank you so much for the awesome service, tip-top hospitality and fun diving. I came solo and leave as a family, i’ll definitely be back.
Ps: Thank You Kak Mimie, Abect, Izat, Hafiz, Pawi, Sudin & all.12932940_1664955750431393_8638008399815205712_n

Yann Ng


My group was lead by Abect, He owned the centre and their dive masters are very friendly and is able to help us

Adrian Ng


Amazing sites…Great people…Well-spent time…Lasting memories



Thank you so much for helping me to propose to my fiance underwater. It was a memorable moment that spent in Abect Aqua Dive Centre.


The Amazing People

You all are amazing HUMANS! Thank you for making our dives a magical experience! You’ve truly made me fall in love with diving.

Love & Happiness to you ALL



Alhamdulillah akhirnya pada 30hb April 2013, aku berjaya menerima Scuba Diver dari Abect Aqua Dive, Pulau Tioman.

Shahrul Salman


Love the ambience. Felt at home even on the very first day of the start of my diving course.Clean beaches.Clean DC.
Let the 2016 season begins!!!! Woooottt woooooott!!!!!


Abect Aqua Dive is more awesome than Maldives mv princess any day!!! We love Abect and team!!!!



hmm.. angmo not so gd.. overall satisfaction ^^.. a warm friendly dive centre. (recommendation: A+) Abect jiayu!!!



We took the course from Abect Aqua Dive Centre. Abect’s a really funny guy :) Patient instructor too!



Gembira Jumpa kamu!

Thank You/ Taramakasi for letting us get involved with your culture + for making diving such a fabulous experience! I would also like to thank you for teaching me the local language + i will never forget the awesomeexperience we had here. If you ever need a helping hand, please just message me on facebook or drop me an email. we will miss you + the delicious food/ fires. i wish everyone all the best for the future.