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Tioman Island is one of the best dive destinations in Malaysia with more than 20 dive sites on offer. It is
famous for its healthy coral reefs and an abundance of marine life.

Tioman lies in the South China Sea, which has a sandy sea bed and a maximum depth of only around
60 meters. The dive sites around Tioman Island are mostly along small islands which are lying
scattered in some 3 miles distance to Tioman Island.

The general reef formation consists of large granite boulders which are densely covered in hard and
soft corals and form a perfect habitat for small and large reef fish. Check out our dive site listings for
more details on the dive spots.

A bit further away, some 20nm to 46nm north of Tioman lie some of the most impressive shipwrecks
the world has to offer. Read more about this under the Tec & Wreck section.

Dive Sites