Dive Instructor

abect portraitAbect (Badawi B Fauzi), #37134– Certified Naui Dive Instructor, Passionated dive instructor who primarily responsible for the safety of the diving party. He also in charge of the maintenance of diving equipment and when the need arises, he can also maneuver a boat and be its instant captain! With years of diving experince, Abect led hundreds of students success andĀ achieve their dive desire throughout the years. The passion and also living with the nature, Abect also take time to explore dive spot around Tioman area. Other than that he also maintain cleanliness around Abect House Reef, he make sure it’s clean at all time for many more unique creatures to come and live there…

Married with Mimie in 2009, God-given a pretty girl- Siti.
Mimie mainly in-charge of marketting and bringing business. AADC is running together with closed friend all around the world.

As family business, Abect Aqua Dive Centre is developing into a better enviromentĀ  for diver to find even more comfort in spending time at the centre.

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